Cleaning services & boat management







Boat Management:

Maintaining and managing your boat can take a lot of work, we just want to make sure you to enjoy using the boat without and of the hassle, so we offer many services to help you.

We can arrange to have your boat lifted out of the water, have an engine service and ensure its ready to use when you arrive. If you're arriving late, we can stock your fridge for you, with your specific requests, making sure your arrival is stress free and that you have everything you need until you can get to the shop.

Boat cleaning service:

Algarve Marine Services has a team of professional boat cleaners, available to hire, to ensure that your boat is always looking good. Regular cleaning of your boat not only keeps it looking good, it can prevent corrosion on metal work, deterioration of fiberglass and mess caused by the marine wildlife. We can provide you a cleaning service to suit your needs and requirements, you can choose a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning routine for the inside and outside of your boat. We also offer you a linen service. If you require our professional cleaners to come to your boat, our costs are 12.50 euros an hour. 

Let us take the strain which will allow you to fully enjoy your boat, just e-mail us with your requests in advance: info@algarvemarineservices